Top Luxurious Interiors Priam Studio – Top 3 Best Interiors

Top Luxurious Interiors Priam Studio

Top Luxurious Interiors Priam Studio

Priam Interiors Studio is called the paradise of luxurious for the sole reason that they are everyday creating luxurious interior designs.

Priam Interiors Studio is a Architecture and Interior Design company based in Albania. We have the best Interior designders and Architects !

Everyday we are working globally acrross cultures , every day for us is a new challenge , for doing our best in suitability with our clients desire.

Finding the best interiors items that fits the client desire but and client project, is an everyday challenge for us.

Below are listed Top 4 project’s that are builder carefully and with Love by our studio and our designers.

The first one and the best is :

The Best and the only of it’s kind , Luxury Villa in Doha, Qatar

Top Luxurious Interiors Priam Studio

Introducing our villa project in Qatar. Top Luxurious Interiors project created with care and love by Priam Studio Located in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Doha, this villa has a total area of 1800 msq.

Top Luxurious Interiors Priam Studio

Living Room

The focal point of the main living room in the ground floor is the enormous chandelier composed by twenty thousand pieces of crystal in bronze color supplied by Marchetti illuminazione and for Walls, they are covered in wood panels with small metallic design which makes a very welcoming atmosphere in this formal area for big family events. The other living room located in the same floor is smaller and is composed by different colors of furniture, two big chandeliers and floral wallpaper in order to create a warmer and casual feeling. 

Top Luxurious Interiors Priam Studio

Dining Room

The 12 seat dining table adds a value of greatness tothe space. It is selected by the famous Italian brand Cantori which is well known for its elegance and stylein contemporary interiors. The final touch of thisluxurious dining area are the wall lights by Baroviericollection.

Top Luxurious Interiors Priam Studio

The Luxurious Kitchen

Next to the dining area is located the kitchen provided by Old Line furniture. It is composed by diamond shape panels, and bronze coverings. The “Rainforest” marble by Antolini gives the needed contrast to the surface. Above the glass mosaic island are placed four elegant pendants by Barovieri for a perfect equilibrium of shape .

And the master bedroom the only of it’s kind

The magic of design by Priam interiors allows everyproject to become unique and personalized in a colorscheme that the owners will be happy with. Multifunctionality and personal space have becomecrucial by the rapid change of everyday life. In thedesign of such a private room like a bedroom, it isimportant the use of textiles and wood coverings inorder to reduce noise and aim a quiet space. It isimportant to separate the bedroom according todifferent functions, like the large bed zone, thedressing table, the cocktail and relax area and finallysome space to admire ourselves in front of the mirrorand beautify our physical appearance.

That’s a part for this project , to view full project click the button bleow :

The second project is , the project of a luxury appartment in Zagreb of Croatia

This extraordinary 220 sqm. apartment located in Croatia tells a story about the luxury Art de Vivre in the spirit of time, and shows what the life of true connoisseurs of 21st century looks like.

Luxury Living Room

This project was a real challenge because the currentlayout of the apartment couldn’t fit the needs of thenew family lifestyle. Bold colors and wall coveringsmake this living area unique and the selectedFrappuccino marble supplied by Antolini contrasts andmoderates the space. The big rectangular chandelierwas designed by Priam Interiors talented designersand supplied by Marchetti illuminazione.

Luxury Dinning Room

The dining area is represented by Catelain Italia furniture and it is integrated next to the kitchen entrance. As you may have noticed we don’t leave empty zones or uncovered walls because our interiors are well thought and are born as a result of qualitative working hours.

The Luxury Kitchen

A chic kitchen with a large island where all the details emphasize premium aesthetics of the interior. The island countertop is illuminated by an oval pendant of Euroluce lampadari while the custom made mosaic adds to the space a roman inspired charm.

And the Third but not by the quality or importance : Luxury Villa at Rolling Hills

Harmony in every detail is what our job should be about. This apartment presents a corner of tranquility and impeccable beauty with a large amount of light and air, the ability to use a luxurious expressive chandelier, unusual installations and unique design solutions.

This is the place where you can relax after a working day, and gather with friends on weekends. The Minotti sofa and Alberta armchairs emphasize the owner’s exceptional taste and provide unparalleled comfort.

Blue Roma quartzite was selected for the chimney and kitchen countertop; it’s vivid pattern turns the ambiance into a natural piece of art.

The hallway was decorated with gypsum molds and marble elements like Sahara Noir and Calacatta white. Spontaneous wall lights equilibrate the figure and contrasts the bright walls. The interior of the bedroom follows the general style of the house. Big panels of wood and green metal are covering against the matrimonial bed and the enormous Terzani chandelier lightens up the atmosphere of this luxurious interior.