Villa in Doha, Qatar

Luxury Villa Doha Qatar

Introducing our villa project in Qatar. Located in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Doha, this villa has a total area of 1800 msq.

About Priam Interiors Studio

The focal point of the main living room in the ground floor is the enormous chandelier composed by twenty thousand pieces of crystal in bronze color supplied by Marchetti illuminazione. Walls are covered in wood panels with small metallic design which makes a very welcoming atmosphere in this formal area for big family events. The other living room located in the same floor is smaller and is composed by different colors of furniture, two big chandeliers and floral wallpaper in order to create a warmer and casual feeling. 


Dining Room

The 12 seat dining table adds a value of greatness to the space. It is selected by the famous Italian brand Cantori which is well known for its elegance and style in contemporary interiors. The final touch of this luxurious dining area are the wall lights by Barovieri collection.
The Kitchen

Next to the dining area is located the kitchen provided by Old Line furniture. It is composed by diamond shape panels, bronze coverings. The “Rainforest” marble by Antolini gives the needed contrast to the surface. Above the glass mosaic island are placed four elegant pendants by Barovieri for a perfect equilibrium of shape .

The magic of design by Priam interiors allows every project to become unique and personalized in a color scheme that the owners will be happy with. Multi functionality and personal space have become crucial by the rapid change of everyday life. In the design of such a private room like a bedroom, it is important the use of textiles and wood coverings in order to reduce noise and aim a quiet space. It is important to separate the bedroom according to different functions, like the large bed zone, the dressing table, the cocktail and relax area and finally some space to admire ourselves in front of the mirror and beautify our physical appearance.

The Make-Up Room

In a villa dominated by female residents is impossible to not dedicate a private space to the women. This stylish and modern makeup room is composed by gypsum designed walls with leaf shape mirrors. Our favorite part is the ceiling which gives another dimension to the space and adds a significant design value. Another touch of elegance is added by the selected chair “Miss” by Cantori while the mint fabric and the green velvet wall coloring refreshes and sophisticates the space.

General Contractor
Interior Design & Implement
Al Emadi Family
~60 days

Introducing our villa project in Qatar. Located in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Doha, this villa has a total area of 1800 msq.