Kitchenware Shop


Arteg flagship store introduces an elegant aesthetics. The store layout isn’t the only thing that informs the shopper of the kind of experience he or she is about to have. In fact, everything about the store helps and adds to the environment the shopping experience.


A team makes dreams possible! Working in a team means everything to us because there is no way a single person can sit and have all the skills that you need to execute a good project. Everyone has something to bring to the table in order to create the right project for each client. 


The Flagship Store

The fundamental principle was the creation of small discoveries. Alongside the repeated modules and parallel shelves there are moments which introduces islands, composed in different shapes and materials. The usage of curves and angles leads the eye down the path with promises of more treasures and spectacular city views. The tea zone was created in order to give another “mini experience” at the end, to introduce an impression, to slow the step and to remind the loved ones by picking a gift.
Art Director
Interior Design
~45 days