Luxury Outdoor Living Spaces for Inspiration in 2021

Luxury Outdoor Living Spaces

A home is not confined to the space within its walls. The interior is just a piece of the experience. And while it is immeasurably important, it cannot properly come to life without considering the surrounding landscape. Forging a connection between nature and our everyday lives allows us to thrive emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

With this in mind, we’re sharing 4 of our recent custom home and remodel projects with the most luxurious outdoor living spaces. Because as architects, we believe that living well amounts to more than just a single space; it is best accomplished with a full-scale update, where both the interior and exterior are merged together as one. And while each home in today’s post is truly unique, they all share one common theme: a luxury outdoor living space that promotes health, well-being, and tranquility.

Contemporary Farmhouse with Spacious Patio

Contemporary Farmhouse Custom Home by KGA Studio Architects

Our Contemporary Farmhouse project is a gorgeous custom home that blends a contemporary aesthetic with the natural beauty of the area’s topography. A neutral color palette grounds the home’s interior and exterior, with intentional pops of vibrant color throughout. 

To achieve this balance, we knew that the sweeping view of the mountains deserved an unobstructed connection to nature. Privacy and shelter from the wind were also a must. So, we designed the home to be U-shaped, which creates an intimate, yet open, outdoor patio. An outdoor fireplace paired with plush outdoor seating offers ample room for relaxation and entertaining. Overhead, strategically-placed pergolas provide shade and architectural interest. Intentional landscaping surrounds the perimeter of the home, including pavers, stone, and native grasses, which give a nod to the sweeping hills of windblown grass just beyond. The result is a space that feels welcoming and calm. 

Round up of luxury outdoor living spaces from KGA Studio Architects
The u-shape of this patio provides additional privacy and shelter from the wind. It also creates direct access from various rooms.
This luxury outdoor living space can be accessed via multiple sets of French doors
Multiple sets of French doors open onto the patio, creating an easy flow inside and out.
Luxury outdoor living space with built in fireplace
A built-in fireplace on the back patio mimics the main chimney and provides the perfect place to relax on cool Colorado evenings. In front of the home, guests are welcomed by large pavers and native grasses.

5-Acre Farm-to-Table Entertainment

Modern Farmhouse Remodel by KGA

Connection, both to nature and to our loved ones, is essential to well-being. And that’s precisely why our stunning modern farmhouse remodel prioritizes outdoor living in abundance, all while creating a seamless transition between the interior and exterior. 

What makes this property unique, though, isn’t only its size. Every detail infuses life into the home. Large floor-to-ceiling windows open onto a vast Colorado landscape, allowing the meadow beyond to feel at one with the interiors. Likewise, the expansive deck, complete with an outdoor kitchen, makes it easy to blur the lines between indoors and out. 

Modern Farmhouse Remodel by KGA Studio Architects
A large deck runs the length of the back of the home, creating a connection with the lush landscape beyond.
Wrap around deck with firepit and outdoor dining in modern farmhouse remodel by KGA
Choose from multiple seating areas on the spacious deck.

For a farm-to-table experience, the barn and garden next door provide an inviting space to host guests for dinner parties. And just beyond, the pool and fire pit offer the ideal escape from the summer heat. Fused with the surrounding land, the home itself earns accolades as the ultimate oasis and gathering destination.

This luxury outdoor living space features a patio between the small, detached barn and fenced in raised garden beds.
The patio between the small, detached barn and fenced in raised garden beds is the perfect venue for outdoor farm-to-table meals under the stars.
Modern farmhouse remodel with firepit and pool by KGA
With so many places to relax outside, this home truly is the ultimate outdoor living oasis

Traditional Home with Al Fresco Dining

Front elevation of a traditional english cottage style custom home by KGA Studio Architects

If any style embraces the serenity of outdoor living, it is that of a traditional French-inspired villa. Thus, this custom home features traditional countryside charm on the inside, and the same level of comfort and class throughout its luxurious outdoor living spaces. Thanks to the existing mature landscaping surrounding the home, the spacious back patio easily transforms into a relaxing paradise fit for summer entertaining. 

The goal was to create a connection to the lot and the outdoors from as many rooms as possible. The kitchen and the dining room are side-by-side at back of the home, with the patio just beyond, making it easy to entertain both indoors and outdoors. We decided to forego windows in lieu of French doors, and use the patio as an extension of the interior. Outside the kitchen, the al fresco dining area underneath a pergola creates intimacy. Meanwhile, the adjacent outdoor living room with its herringbone brick built-in chimney fireplace offers a fresh, cozy retreat. The result is, of course, a villa worthy of a European adventure.

The dining room and kitchen both spill out onto a generous outdoor living space via French doors.
Traditional english cottage style custom home with steeply sloping roof lines in Cherry Hills Village
Surrounded by mature landscaping, the original plan was to remodel the existing home on this lot. When we realized it would make more sense financially to scrape and build new, very few changes were made to the design, and the new home sits where the previous one did, keeping the landscape intact.

Covered and Uncovered Luxury Outdoor Living

Rear elevation of modern rustic custom home with slanting roof lines in Colorado Golf Club

For a truly indulgent living experience, a single patio surface is sometimes not enough. For this sprawling custom home, with its contemporary roof lines and oversized windows, only a luxury double-decker outdoor living space would do. 

The home’s second-level deck was designed for dinner parties and festivities. With a pass-through window from the kitchen and a built-in grill fit for a chef, serving a multi-course meal is as simple and enjoyable as can be. And just below this level is the tuck-under patio space, sheltered from the elements and the heat of the sun. Of course, the home wouldn’t be complete without a fire pit and pool, both arranged to provide a connection to the landscape and wildlife beyond. No matter the entertainment needs, this home’s outdoor space provides it.

Rear elevation of custom home with pool at dusk in the Colorado Golf Club
A mix of covered and uncovered outdoor living spaces will keep you inspired to entertain outside all year long.
Outdoor living space in custom home in the Colorado Golf Club designed by KGA
With a pass-through window from the kitchen and a built-in grill fit for a chef, serving a multi-course meal is as simple and enjoyable as can be.
Colorado Golf Club custom home with pool by KGA
This home has something for everyone – even the pups love it!

Outdoor Living Spaces Aren’t Just a Luxury

Having an outdoor living space that allows us to thrive and reach our full potential is non-negotiable. Health and wellness matter. As architects, we’re proud to create designs that prioritize the whole home, not just a single standalone room. Innovative architecture that blends together indoor warmth with a luxury outdoor living space allows each and every one of our clients to embrace vibrant and enjoyable lifestyles.

If you’re craving a connection to the outdoors, a well-designed interior, and an infusion of health benefits to your everyday activities, call us today. We would love nothing more than to help you fall in love with your home all over again.

Luxury Outdoor Living Spaces

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